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Willing Worker On Organic Farm (wwoof)

We have been having WWOOFers or Willing Workers On Organic Farms working and helping us on Caretaker Farm since 1993. Our first WWOOFer Koji Takamura, who stayed 6 months, was from Japan and he was working the day Thomas was born on the farm.

Since then we have had more than 1000 people stay with us and often long term stays for a month or more. The longest stay has been 18 months and the shortest 1 hour but we do ask that those wanting to come to our farm commit to our minimum stay of 4 weeks.

We prefer long stay and those with building, gardening, cooking and cleaning skills are most welcome. However we have had and will continue to welcome those people who, despite having no skills, are interested in learning and being part of a family while they are with us. They need to be open to new experiences and want to stay in the countryside with nature close and shops several kilometres away. Also a reminder for those who have not been outside a city before-there are no street lights only stars.

What do we expect from WWOOFers?

What do WWOOFers say about us?

"Thank you very much for everything. I had a great time. I like looking after the animals so I want to stay here more....."
Yuki Ikuta, Japan, 1999

"This farm is my best place in New Zealand. So I want to come back here."
Halu, Japan,2000

"Time has gone quickly. Thanks a lot for your hospitality, it was a nice experience to stay with so many nice people. I liked to work on your farm and I'd like to see it again in a few years. Maybe I come back once but be sure I'll not forget you.."
Rita, Germany, 2004

"We felt like family member here. We are so lucky we can come here to experience wwoofing. True people, lovely place. We learned a lot here..."
Andy/ Terry, Taiwan 2005

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